Auto Restoration

Baking soda blasting is an excellent method for preparing your automobile for painting.

While it has been used for years by top restoration companies and in-the-know enthusiasts for vehicle paint stripping, it is now gaining in popularity thanks to publicity in recent magazine articles and television shows for auto enthusiasts.

Fire Restoration

Even a minor house fire leaves behind a major mess. There is the obvious fire damage plus smoke and water damage in almost all cases. When cleaning up after a fire and prepping for reconstruction many challenges will be encountered.  Some of the biggest are:  The Smell of Smoke, Soot and Residues, Charred but salvageable rafters, beams, flooring, etc.

Soda Blasting is extremely effective in removing toxic residues, soot, and associated smells after a fire.

Farm & Equipment

Industrial and Farm equipment cleaning. Effectively removes carbon, dirt, fat, grease, oil, paint, soot, char and more.

Soda Blasting is the easiest and safest method of removing paint. Will NOT scratch or etch metal will remove ALL the paint. Returns the original condition of the factory metal. Will NOT scratch chrome or warp panels. Soda Blasting is safe and there is no need to mask glass or rubber. Can strip wheels, panels or the entire car. Removes blisters and multiple layers of paint without damaging the gel-coat. Can remove the layers of anti-fouling without damaging the gel-coat. Will not damage brick, stucco, and just about any building substrate. Is the easiest and safest method of removing mold and fire damage, including the odor. Cleans as it strips paint and grease. Can eliminate graffiti.